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2 star rating
Disappointed with Woodlands Botanical Garden I visited this garden located on the small hill connected to the secondary forest, and I must say I left feeling quite disappointed. As someone who values nature and the preservation of natural habitats, I was hoping to see a space that harmonized with the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, what I found was far from that.

The hill, which should serve as a haven for local flora and fauna, has been transformed into what feels like a private park. The garden, rather than complementing the natural beauty of the area, appears to dominate it.

I believe there's a missed opportunity here to create something truly special—an inclusive space that celebrates nature and fosters a sense of community among visitors.

I hope that future visitors will have a more enriching experience, one that aligns with the true spirit of a community garden connected to a secondary forest.
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Excursion742335 Avatar
5 star rating
Beautiful well kept Gardens free to the public. This was a magnificent gardener that was open to the public at no charge. Garden are well marked and separated, different botanical plants, such as the scented garden.
They also had lakes and if one was lucky you could see the large monitor lizard .
They had a great many benches so long could sit and relax between walking and hiking in the gardens, which were many many acres in the middle of the city
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ah tee s Avatar
ah tee s
4 star rating
Stealing time to immerse in nature I was puzzled to learn that there is a botanical garden in Woodlands so during lunchtime, I went to search for it. I then found it at the hillside of Woodlands Town Park East beside Blk 133 Marsiling Rise. Few years back, I had climbed up Woodlands Town Park East but had never come across this comunity garden. Understand that it was started in July 2020 as a ground-up initiative. The 9-storey garden boasts an incredible biodiversity of more than 200 varieties of ornamental plants and many species of butterflies and birds.

The community garden is uniquely colourful studded with so many beautiful flowers on a `terraced' hillside. While the weather was scorching hot during noon, I was not much bothered by the sweat streaming down from my forehead. Instead, my focus was distracted by the beautiful butterlies that fluttered around the strikingly colorful flowers. Near to the base of the hill was a bird cage and you heard the birds chirping happily and seem not affected by my presence there.

I spent about half an hour here before continued my walk around the Woodlands Town Park East. Built in the 1970s, Woodlands Town Park East is a community park nestled on top of a hill approximately 30 m tall equivalent to a height of a 10 storey HDB block. The 5-hectare park is popular with the residents as a venue for exercise, picnicking and gardening. But there was not a single soul at the park when I was there during noon.

Some of the trees found in this park are the Rubber trees, Common Pulai and the Tembusu. I like to stroll along the small trail in the secondary forest as the vegetation on both sides of the trail were dense emitting fresh air and the atmosphere was calm and peaceful.

The whole morning I was sitting in front of the computer screen engrossed in my work. It was a great relief stealing time to immerse in nature appreciating the lush greenery and the pretty flowers. This `botanical garden' and the Woodlands Town Park East bring much peace and tranquillity to the mind and solace to the soul.
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HB Tang Avatar
HB Tang
The garden is created on a slope which must have been very challenging. The gardeners have done a great job working with the slope and the results are amazing. The garden is full of colourful flowers which blossom gloriously, not only attracting the eyes of visitors from afar, but also benefitting pollinators like butterflies and bees. The paths are laid with bark mulch which make them comfortable to walk on and look natural. Today when I visited the garden, I saw a small pond being created. When the pond is completed, with aquatic plants and fishes, it should attract aquatic insects like dragonflies and provide essential drinking and bathing water for birds. When this happens, the ecology of the garden will become more balanced.
To me, a garden needs to be aesthetically pleasing and ecologically functioning. Woodlands Botanical Garden is one such garden.
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Laila Suyat Avatar
Laila Suyat
If you are nature lover i am very sure you will love this place..have fitness area..can picnic here because have shelter..i love the rocks and the stair case go up to the hill and specially all the plants and flowers..
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joe fong Avatar
joe fong
A unique garden built on hill that is not common in Singapore, the variety of floral and butterflies are amazing. For butterfly lovers visit during morning 8am to 10am is the best.
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Eric Low Avatar
Eric Low
Beautiful hidden garden managed by residents. Probably one of a kind in Singapore. A must visit for garden lovers.
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Siow Chin Yee Avatar
Siow Chin Yee
Really enjoy visiting this garden 🥰 The place is just so beautiful and I appreciate those who took the time to plant and maintain the garden. Definitely recommend people to visit! 🙌🏼
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Hamsan Muthyya Avatar
Hamsan Muthyya
A hidden gem 💎 amongst a quiet neighbourhood. Woodlands botanical garden has a wide range of flowers and plants of different diversity which is really beautiful and breathtaking. With the sounds of water trickling to the sound of birds chirping one will be taken away to a new dimension. Will definitely come back to visit again!
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christine chua Avatar
christine chua
Ganesh and team pour so much into this beautiful neighborhood retreat. Come and soak in the biodiversity made possible through careful curation and landscape design. Bravo!
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_kurariss _ Avatar
_kurariss _
Ganesh has reached out to so many people in his community through this garden. It's rich in biodiversity, you can find such a wide variety of flowers and insects here. It's a very beautiful place highly recommend a visit! Come early in the morning though, it gets pretty hot around 10am
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Tash_nasendran Avatar
5 star rating
Therapeutic experience It’s an amazing place with a plethora of flower and plant species. There are also wonderful butterflies which are such a treat to the eyes. I’d highly recommend the Woodlands Botanical garden to anyone who needs to heal their mind, body and spirit.
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blamethesea Avatar
5 star rating
A Gorgeous Community Garden A little slice of paradise, nestled along a formerly barren hillside and now teeming with flowers, bees and butterflies.
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